Youth Outline Reasons Why Museveni Should Be re-voted

Youth Outline Reasons Why Museveni Should Be re-voted

In a book titled 1000+1 reasons to Vote Y.K Museveni, youth authors, Eng. Tom Mwesiga and Amon Ampaire give reasons why the President of Uganda, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni should be re-voted into power for a sixth term.

Pan Africanist, Mwesiga noted that many people are contesting for presidency in Uganda without genuine reasons and some with no capacity.

This happened yesterday at Nommo Gallery in Kampala yesterday where Ampaire and Mwesiga were unveiling the book.

The book describes Museveni as a true stateman whose amazing personality and character have shaped his excellent governance style.

The book also denotates that for centuries, the Ugandan territory has never had more prevailing peace and security than during Museveni’s reign as commander-in-chief.

Ampaire a career diplomat and writer said the book is a must read for both National Resistance Movement supporters and opposition supporters in order to look at things in an informed point of view.