“Whoever Started the Fight Will Regret It” Museveni Warns Rioters

“Whoever Started the Fight Will Regret It” Museveni Warns Rioters

President Museveni has warned rioters from disrupting the forth coming elections saying that whoever started the fight will regret it.

“They have entered an area we know very well, of fighting. That is up to them. Whoever started it will regret.” He said.

Museveni was speaking at a scientific campaign meeting with NRM leaders in Kotido district yesterday.

He noted that those who are beating up his supporters would soon loose appetite.

“Those who have been attacking the NRM people in the Kampala area will soon lose that appetite. You will see a uniform of NRM and you will feel that you cannot touch it, you don’t have appetite to touch it, even if they leave it abandoned it will not be touched.”

Museveni blamed the violence and death of people currently to external forces who are supporting groups to destabilize the country; “Some of these groups are being used by outsiders-homosexual-groups outside there who don’t like the stability and independence of Uganda, but they will discover what they are looking for.” 

He assured voters that the 2021 polls exercise would not be disrupted and warned against any disruptions.