Uganda responds to USA 2020 Report on Human Rights

Uganda responds to USA 2020 Report on Human Rights

The government of Uganda has responded to the USA 2020 report on human rights.

In the report, the State Department of the United States of America raises various concerns and allegations of torture, kidnap, arbitrary arrests and murder, human rights violations against members of the opposition, refugees, gays among others. Based on the report, the US imposed travel sanctions against unnamed top Ugandan officials.

In response, Government through Uganda Media Center has released a statement that says it respects the partnership that exists between Uganda and the United States however there is a need for its sovereignty.

In violation of covid19 regulations, the government says instead of being criticized, it should be thanked for saving people from selfish political actors who never heeded to covid rules during campaigns and assaulted security personnel.

The government further trashes claims by the US report that it trampled on the freedom of expression of the media and the people saying the media is independent and that they do not interfere with their operations even when they air unpleasant things.

The government has revealed that they will not tolerate any person who uses religion to commit acts of criminality and subversion.