The police officers that trained in firefighting and prevention skills
The police officers that trained in firefighting and prevention skills

In an event officiated by IGP Jack Bakasumba, the Chief of Joint Staff yesterday, Uganda Police Force passed 10 police officers who successfully completed their four-month training in firefighting skills.

Bakasumba urged the officers to be disciplined and promised to present the challenges affecting the directorate before the police management.

He called upon the officers to also handle the equipment at hand with care.

Speaking at the same event. AIGP Joseph Mugisa, the Director Fire and Rescue Services said that the officers before the pass out were fully trained and skilled in dealing with fire. “As you all know fire and rescue services require a prepared mind, a prepared soul, requires skills to save bodies, determination and skills to put out a fire, knowledge to effect a rescue in an intricate situation, that’s what we trained them to do using high tech equipment, ordinary but useful equipment to save a life by effecting a rescue,”. He noted.

During the four months, officers were equipped with skills in escapement rescue, managing oil spillage, tackling a very complicated fire problem like a bulk petroleum storage installation and firefighting in an air craft.

Mugisha appealed to developers to liaise with any fire station nearest to them for technical guidance and to be guided on inclusion of fire protection systems in their building.

He assured the public that fire service setup is arranged to respond immediately to emergencies since there is no time when the fire service can respond without the requisite ammunitions which is water.

Mugisa requested that town councils and municipals ensure that buildings are developed based on approved plans which must have a very big component of fire protection and safety of the occupants. Fire hydrants should be in place and maintained.

He noted that the directorate will continue training officers for purposes of enhancing human capacity and spread out to cover most parts of the country so that fire services are brought nearer to the people.