“Tumbisa Sound” Singer, Opoka Agrees To Re- Do The Song

“Tumbisa Sound” Singer, Opoka Agrees To Re- Do The Song

Musician Eric Opoka has agreed to produce an improved version of the “Tumbiza sound” song to encourage observance of the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures- SOPs.


Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Health asked the Uganda Communication Commission-UCC to ban the song on grounds that some of the lyrics were misleading the public regarding the observance of the Covid-19 guidelines.

In the song, the singer says that Covid-19 should not stop people from enjoying life and the Ministry of Health should quarantine people inside bars for fourteen days.

On Tuesday, officials from UCC, Ministry of Health met Opoka at the UCC offices in Bugolobi and it was agreed that he improves the lyrics of the song to sensitize the public about Covid-19.

Dickens Okello, the Strategy consultant to Eezzy said that Ministry of health would meet the cost of improving the song.