Treat Ugandans respectfully, regardless of their political affiliation-Archbishop Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba

Treat Ugandans respectfully, regardless of their political affiliation-Archbishop Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba

The Church of Uganda Archbishop Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba has asked security organs to fulfill their promise of treating Ugandans respectfully serving and protecting Ugandans as well as respecting their dignity in the New Year, 2021.

“You promised not to use live bullets, and we expect you to fulfill that promise. We also expect you to fulfill the spirit of that promise, which includes driving responsibly to avoid accidents that claim people’s lives at your hands. It also includes aiming teargas canisters away from where they might injure people and not using pepper spray directly in people’s eyes.” He said in his new year’s message.

Kaziimba also asked the security to treat all Ugandans equally dispite their political affiliation.


“We call on all security organs to treat Ugandans respectfully, regardless of their political affiliation. They are made in the image of God and do not deserve to be treated violently. One day you will stand before God and give an account of how you treated your fellow Ugandans. Do you fear God? Please do your job as if you fear God,” Kaziimba added.

“We know you have become a well-trained, professional force that has grown in discipline. Now, we ask you to prove it to us. We expect you to show all Ugandans that you are disciplined and will not be provoked to use violence toward your fellow Ugandans, including journalists.”

Security agencies, especially the police have in the past few months been involved in confrontations with members of the public, especially presidential candidates and their supporters in regards the enforcement of Coronavirus guidelines.

However, according to the Church of Uganda Archbishop, while enforcing the SOPs, there should be equal treatment of all people, irrespective of their political affiliations.

According to Kaziimba, members of the public are equally mandated to live responsibly and adhering to set guidelines in the new year.

“Please exercise your constitutional right and responsibility, and vote. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by the shallow promises of politicians. Do not allow yourselves to get overly excited by campaigns or to expect a human politician to be your personal savior,” Kaziimba says.

“Study the candidates deeply and seriously, and then vote your conscience. Don’t sell your soul for cheap promises. Please do not provoke security personnel, especially during campaign events. Do not mock them; do not insult them. I urge mutual respect between security personnel and Ugandan citizens.”