There is No Threat We Cannot Defeat-President Museveni

There is No Threat We Cannot Defeat-President Museveni

While addressing the country yesterday, President Museveni said that it’s the obligation of every citizen to promote peace during elections.

“There is no threat we cannot defeat. We have simple and complex means to defeat the threats. There is no part of this country we cannot reach, either on foot or in air. I therefore urge all citizens to keep peace because it is their duty and not a favor,” Museveni.

The President reminded the public that security is ready and available to deal with any rioters and those who will break the law.

“You saw how rioters were defeated in Kampala! Therefore, don’t be tempted to break the law. If you try to disturb peace, you will have yourself to blame,” He warned.

He called upon the public to turn up in big numbers and vote for their choice.

“I call upon all registered voters to come out and vote. I held a meeting with security forces and they are ready to defend you. Come out to vote and nobody will attack you. If anybody tries we will get them.”

Museveni warned against cheating noting that its treasonable since the leaders’ people choose are not the ones that go through.

“I am warning everybody. Please don’t try to cheat. I am glad the Electoral Commission has brought a system where you can vote by showing your fingerprint. I appeal to the Electoral Commission not to allow any voting where thumbprint is not used.”

He added that “We fought for the right to vote and nobody should interfere with the vote. Let the people of Uganda elect the way they feel so that leaders concentrate on convincing people and serving them once elected.”