The 4 ways in which Pres. Museveni plans to secure the future of the youths. 

The 4 ways in which Pres. Museveni plans to secure the future of the youths.

While addressing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaders from Bukedi Sub Region in Mbale City President Museveni listed 4 priorities to tackle under his securing your future campaign if re-elected in the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled to take place on January 14th, 2021. 

  1. Government scientists well paid in order to effectively solve the countries’ health and infrastructure bottlenecks innovatively. 
  2. Ample capital available to business owners, traders, and entrepreneurs to turn business from a break-even model to a for-profit model. 
  3. Establish effective Anti-corruption institutions to curb the vice and sensitize the youth against this burgeoning problem. 
  4. Promote high yield, economies of scale agricultural reforms.  

President Museveni completed his tour in the Bukedi region where he met various youth leaders in districts of Pallisa, Kibuku, Butebo, Budaka, Butaleja, Busia, and Tororo districts.


Museveni asked young people to support and vote for National Resistance Movement candidates who will support him in budgeting well for the country other than opposition who are in parliament saying nothing about the youth.


“These fellows are telling lies like Kyagulanyi, he has been in parliament, along with other opposition groups, I have never had them talking about capital for youth. It is me who has been struggling for the youth, yet I am no longer a youth.”


Museveni also explained that even for women funds it’s him who has been advocating for it yet he is not a woman himself.