Soroti Medics Honored by Parliament for separating Siamese twins

Soroti Medics Honored by Parliament for separating Siamese twins

Parliament has honoured the group of medics from Soroti Regional Referral Hospital for successfully separating the living twin from the dead twin.

This happened yesterday 7th April at Parliament following a call by several politicians to have the doctors honoured.

On March 26, Epodoi, a consultant surgeon at the hospital led a team of medical workers and successfully separated Siamese twins.

The twins were first turned away by Mulago Hospital, prompting the parents to return to Soroti Hospital which had initially referred them to the national referral hospital


The twin girls were delivered on March 20 at Amuria district hospital to Joyce Alinga, a 21-year-old who conceived during the long COVID-19 lockdown. But moments after the cesarean section birth, one of the twins was found dead while the other was alive, prompting medics in Amuria hospital to refer the babies to Soroti hospital for possible detachment. But the team in Soroti also referred the family to Mulago hospital.

Medical research shows that when the heart of one of the twins stops, they are likely to lose blood into the living twin and would need emergency care to save the living twin.

Paulo Oluo, the father of the conjoined twins previously said that much as they conducted a pregnancy scan, there was no indication that there were two children in the womb.