Sodo, Kutesa to stand as independents as NRM Nominates no candidate in Mawogola North Article

The National Resistance Movement’s electoral tribunal ruled that Aine Sodo Kaguta was not rightly elected as the party’s flag bearer in the recently concluded primaries and declared that the party had no candidate in Mawogola North.

According to the NRM tribunal, “the results in polling stations marred by violence and ferrying of voters cannot stand’ and that “all in all the Tribunal finds that the actual winner of the election cannot be established in light of the irregularities”.

The Tribunal on the 14th recommended, that the Central executive committee make a ruling, however, due to the constraints of time, as nominations were drawing to a close. The CEC couldn’t convene and the party was, therefore, unable to duly nominate an NRM Flagbearer for Mawogola North on Friday last week.

On Friday, both candidates were successfully nominated as independents after the ruling NRM tribunal ruling. Sodo announced he didn’t agree with the NRM tribunal’s decision but noted the only way out was coming as an independent. “There was nothing I could do about it because it was too late to challenge the decision of the tribunal. I, therefore, decided to come as an independent,” Sodo said after nomination on Friday. Shartis Kutesa on the other hand Speaking after her nomination, said she had decided to come as an independent following the outcome of the contentious September 30 polls in which she lost to Sodo.

Speaking to her supporters later, Musherure who lost in the NRM party primaries to Godfrey Aine Kagua but later challenged the election noted on Saturday that she will now devote her time to engage constituents on what to expect of her during the forthcoming polls.


“What the people of Mawogola North need now, more than ever, is leaders, not politicians. Great leaders set aside their personal interests and focus on how to collectively work with others towards a common good for the benefit of the people. This is the kind of leadership I would like to offer people of Mawogola North,” she said.

“I am pleased that following a thorough review of the evidence presented, the tribunal found that my

petition was persuasive and successful. That the Central Executive Committee (CEC), chaired by President Yoweri Museveni, subsequently decided to withdraw a declaration of Godfrey Aine as NRM flag bearer for the MP seat of Mawogola North is proof that the NRM party holds true to its ideals of democracy and patriotism and chooses the principles of fairness over political expediency,” she noted.