RUBAGA NRM Village Chairpersons receive Yellow Bicycles

RUBAGA NRM Village Chairpersons receive Yellow Bicycles

Our Director, in charge of Mobilisation Hon. Kasamba Mathias has this afternoon handed over 134 yellow Bicycles to the Rubaga district leadership at Mengo Primary School.


In his speech, Hon Kasamba urged the Rubaga village chairpersons to use the bicycles for their intended purpose of mobilising grassroots to support the party. He also called on the leadership to exercise extreme transparency and accountability while distributing the bicycles to their intended recipients.


He also extended gratitude to the people for their continous support rendered to the party during the just-concluded Special Interest Group (SIG) elections where the party garnered massive victory.

“Thanks for overwhelmingly supporting the party in the just-concluded SIG elections. Our victory in the elections is a clear demonstration of the massive support we enjoy in the country, we therefore need to work towards consolidating that support,” Hon Kasamba said.


On income generation, Hon. Kasamba rallied the leaders to encourage both themselves and the masses to engage in household-level projects that will help create a steady flow of income for their families. He further appealed to them to formalize their income projects by creating companies that will help guide them to prosperity.


Talking political, Kasamba called on the electorate to give leaders who serve the people and shun politicians who are self-seeking. He furthermore urged leaders to desist from politics that leads to division but to work towards uniting the people and creating a peaceful environment for the people.


The Rubaga district party chairperson, Buchana thanked the President and National Chairman for mobilizing resources that have made it possible for the party to purchase bicycles for the village chairpersons.

“I thank the National Chairperson for prioritizing his people at the grassroots levels by providing these bicycles. These will go a long way in easing our work as we mobilize support for party flag bearers during this political season, ” Hon Buchana said.


The National Chairman HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 16th of this month, launched the distribution of bicycles to the party’s branch chairpersons in the country at an event organised at the secretariat offices along Kyodondo road in Kampala. The donation is in fulfillment of a pledge to the chairpersons in over 68,000 villages made possible by a donation to the party.

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