Presidential candidate Nobert Mao promises to erect a coffee processing plant in Bugisu. 

Presidential candidate Nobert Mao promises to erect a coffee processing plant in Bugisu.

The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has pledged to construct a coffee processing plant in Bugisu Sub-region. 

Speaking at his campaign rally in Bullambuli District on Saturday, Mr Mao said the factory will not only help to add value to coffee but also create employment opportunities for youth and women.“Bugisu produces the best coffee in the world but people are still languishing in poverty, this is because they are cheated by middlemen. In my government, we are going to put up a coffee processing plant here,” he said. 

He explained that coffee will be processed and packaged for both local and international market, something, he said, will, in turn, create thousands of jobs for youth’ “There would be thousands of jobs for young people,non-skilled,semi-skilled, skilled, specialists and people from Bugisu region will thrive again like never before because coffee is gold,” he said.

He also promised to strengthen the cooperatives by allocating adequate funding from the government to fight household poverty.

Mr Mao also promised to start up the national disaster fund to cater for emergencies such as landslides, which often kill and displace people in the sub-region.

The DP candidate urged the youth’ not to be compromised but become change-makers, saying the country is sitting on a time bomb under National Resistance Movement leadership.

“I am appealing to all the youth not to be bribed, don’t sell your vote, you are the majority and you have the capacity within you to change this government,” he said. Mr Daniel Wagidoso, a coffee farmer, said they are running out of coffee business because of exploitation.