President Museveni Urges Religious Leaders to Promote Wealth Creation

Religious leaders with Uganda's president elect, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at State house

President Museveni Urges Religious Leaders to Promote Wealth Creation

President Museveni has urged religious leaders to promote wealth creation.

Mr. Museveni was addressing a group of pastors led by Pr. Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral who went to congratulate him upon his presidential victory.

Museveni emerged winner in the presidential race with 58.8% that attracted 11 candidates.

President Museveni commended the pastors for the principled stand they took to support what is right against wrong and supporting a continuation of peace in our country.

He urged the group of pastors to join the government in promoting wealth among the people.

“Traditional churches are not addressing the issue of wealth and health of our communities. It is not correct for churches, governments, and political parties to live with people in need. Am therefore happy to be joined by churches to work on this issue” he said.

President Museveni who attended to the leaders of the church together with the first Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, told them that the real enemies of this country’s future are the people who divert them to politics of tribes and religious sectarianism saying that they must be defeated.

In a joint statement presented by Pr. Robert Kayanja, the pastors described the just concluded general elections as the most peaceful and commended the leadership of President Museveni that made this possible