President Museveni Meets “TOJJA KULAYILA YOUTHS”

President Museveni Meets “TOJJA KULAYILA YOUTHS”

President Museveni has met a team of youth originally with the agenda “Tojja Kulayila” at State House for reconciliation.

The group said to be from the opposition, National Unity Platform (NUP) had teamed up threatening to disrupt the swearing in ceremony that is scheduled for 12th May 2021.

The group’s mobiliser, Charles Mutaasa Kafeero said that in March, he convened a meeting with the group that later accepted to meet the president ahead of the swearing-in ceremony to cease the fire.

Addressing the group, the president advised the youth that hard work was the only way to fight poverty and achieve socio-economic advancement.

Museveni called on both the ruling party Members of Parliament (MPs) and those of the opposition in the 11th Parliament to team up and work for equal distribution of national resources for effective service delivery.   

He commended the group for being open to government and urged them to come together to build capacity for solving development hindrances as Ugandans.
The President challenged them that as youth, they should appreciate government for minding their health and ensuring they grow to their full potential because of its mass immunization campaign against the six killer diseases.

“Whether you support or do not support NRM, you can still develop by individual innovation,” he said.

He pledged to work on the challenges the youth presented to him and promised to work together with him for development.