President Museveni Briefs Bugisu on Employment Creation

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni

President Museveni Briefs Bugisu on Employment Creation

President Museveni has urged leaders in Bugisu region to develop a new concept of industrialization to create employment and wealth for the people.

The president was meeting Bugisu sub-region elders led by outgoing Mbale district chairperson Benard Mujaasi, who he hosted at State House Entebbe on Tuesday.

President Museveni said the Government would try and enable each of the veterans to have a small project that can generate an income to help them.

The President called for unity in the region and described Bugisu and other tribes like Baruli, Banyala, Balamogi, Bagwere, Banyole and Basamia.

He said it’s not accidental that there are similar dialects between Bugisu and other tribes.

The leaders thanked the President for the houses in Bulambuli which have transformed the area, similar now to a municipal, describing it as a small city there.

They urged him to provide more houses for the people in the highlands who are vulnerable to the mudslides and climate change.

In 2019, the Government built over 100 houses in Bulambuli for the relocation of Bududa landslide victims.

The leaders described the industrial Park, coupled with the road infrastructure development and the common-user facilities for skilling the youth, as game-changer in the region.

They also pledged to commit more energies on revamping coffee and Banana cultivation and processing.

The group also urged the President to write a book about Uganda tribes and their linkages.