Police is Investigating 15 bodies dumped in Mpigi

Police is Investigating 15 bodies dumped in Mpigi

Police in Mpigi have kicked off investigations into circumstances under which 15 dead bodies were dumped at a village in Mpigi by unknown persons.

According to Lydia Tumushabe, the police spokesperson for the Katonga Region, the LC1 chairman for Busese, A village in Nkozi sub-county, Mpigi district was informed of a person identified as Aisha Kwagala transferring remains of 15 persons from Kyengera to have them buried in some land in Busese village.

Moments after Aisha arrived with the 15 bodies, the landowner was tipped off and rejected to host the corpses on his land. “Kwagala and her team carry their bodies back. It’s believed that the remains were later brought back deep in the night and dumped in Busese village where they had already prepared for burial and they just left them unburied,” Tumushabe, the regional police mouthpiece told the press.

The police spokesperson noted that after being stopped from burying the bodies, the group returned at night and dropped them whereas the graves that had been dug were also left open.

Consequently, Police removed the 15 bodies wrapped in backcloth and conveyed them to Gombe hospital.