Police Has Confirmed Siege at Bobi Wine’s Home

Police Has Confirmed Siege at Bobi Wine’s Home

While Addressing journalists on Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga confirmed the siege at National Unity Platform presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine noting that it is meant to prevent violence.

“We want to assure Ugandans of a peaceful aftermath of the elections. We have been able to counter most of the plans. There have been information of certain political parties and certain individuals coming up with plan B to instigate riots in protest of the outcome of elections. That’s why we have maintained a security cover around Kasangati and Magere, including the home of hon. Kyagulanyis,” Enanga said.

There has been rumours that Kyagulany was put into house arrest since 14th January when Uganda went onto ballot paper to choose their next president, however security had defuted this claim and explained that it’s an arrangement put to control visitors.

“It is not that he is under house arrest but we have our surveillance teams trying to counter any plans seeing that there are violent demonstrations and riots instigated as had been threatened by some of those people,” Enanga said.

The spokesperson revealed that this siege is not about to end. “We are going to continue maintaining this presence during this aftermath of the elections because they want to use this period when declarations are hot to instigate protests but we will not allow that to happen.”