Parliament Passes Family Property-Sharing Bill

Parliament Passes Family Property-Sharing Bill

Parliament has passed the succession bill 2018 which explains how family property shall be distributed in the event of the death of one spouse.

The Bill provides that a spouse will get 20% of the estate in the event that his or her partner dies without leaving a will.

The succession (Amendment) Bill 2018 makes it compulsory for men to provide for their spouses, lineal dependants and dependant relatives in their wills.

Parliament passed the bill yesterday and waits presidential asset seeking to provide clarity in the sharing of properties in case of the death of a spouse who either writes a will (testor) or does not leave, a situation which is technically referred to as intestate succession.

According to the acting chairperson of Parliament’s committee on legal and parliamentary affairs, said the bill that was passed provides for the spouse of the deceased to get 20% of the estate while the lineal dependants (children) get 75%, the heir 1% and the other dependent relatives 4%.

The Bill was originally introduced by Rosette Kajungu Mutambi (Mbarara Woman MP) as a private member’s bill in 2018 after the Government delayed to table it.

Subsequently, it was taken over by the Government through the Attorney General.