Opposition Leaders. Amuriant, Bobi Wine and Muntu Make A Call Voters to Protect Their Votes

Opposition Leaders. Amuriant, Bobi Wine and Muntu Make A Call Voters to Protect Their Votes

With only a day to Uganda’s general presidential elections, three opposition leaders, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Amuriant, National Unity Platform Robert Kyagulanyi and Gen. Mugisha Muntu of National Transformation (ANT) have held a joint press briefing where they have called upon the public to turn up and vote and also ensure protection of their votes.


In his speech, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine said the public should stay at the polling stations and protect their votes for its not against any law. This contradicts the pronouncement by Electoral Commission about voting and leaving the station in observance to standard operation procedures for Covid- 19 prevention.

He decried security intervention and harassment; “It is unfortunate that as all these things are happening, the EC is silent and instead blaming the victims,” Kyagulanyi said.


Amuriant on the other hand appealed to the Electoral commission to conduct free and fair elections.

“I want to tell the EC that if they cannot organize a free and fair election, then they are a useless organization,” Amuriat said.

Muntu asked the public not to be scared of the security guards at the stations but they should rather vote confidently for their choice.

“Regardless of what you see, let not all the problems you see around discourage you from going to the polling station. Go and cast your vote, guard it and leave the rest to us,” Muntu said.

Four-time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye who was also present at the presser noted that although he had faced violence at the hands of security officers on several campaign trails over the years, the violence that was meted out to opposition candidates this time was unprecedented.

Besigye urged Ugandans to vote for any opposition candidate and protect their votes in order to deny President Museveni the required 51%.

“Some people get discouraged when they see the forces of change not presenting one person, but that should not be the issue. Everybody should cast and protect their votes,” Besigye said.