Opiyo Granted A cash Bail of Shs15m

Opiyo Granted Bail of Shs15m

Opiyo was granted cash bail of Shs15m with each of his sureties tasked with a non-cash obligation of Shs100m.

He was also asked to deposit his passport and report to the court registrar regularly.

While delivering her ruling for the bail case, Buganda Road Court magistrate Jane Okuo Kajuga said that it is was improper for the court to deny Opiyo his right to bail.

“However serious a charge is it all but remains an allegation. Courts are expected not to deny bail as a punishment,” she said.

The court session was attended by among others; Political Officer US Embassy, David Skorski, Dep. HOM Danish embassy, Henrik Jespersen and Swedish Embassy Counsellor political and commercial affairs Daniel J. Arhem.

However, shortly after the bail ruling, the US embassy tweeted there would be consequences for undermining of democracy.

“We welcome today’s release on bail of @NickOpiyo . Civil society actors and human rights defenders play a vital role in educating the citizenry and must be allowed to carry out their work free from harassment. There will be consequences for those who undermine democracy,” the tweet read