NRM Wins 61% in local council, special interest group elections

NRM Wins 61% in local council, special interest group elections

The ruling National Resistance Movement has obtained the greatest percentage win in the just concluded local council and special interest group elections.

The party National Treasurer Rosemary Namayanja Nsereko in the weekly briefing at the party headquarters in Nakasero, Kampala, said the party has continued to sail through all leadership position from presidential to parliamentary and now local council elections.

“We thank you all for giving us victory in both presidential and parliamentary elections. You have also showed us support in elections for district chairpersons, city mayors and councilors,” Ms. Namayanja said, adding that preliminary results received so far indicate that the NRM ha has scooped 85 of the 134 districts whose results for district LC5 chairpersons’ elections had been received. Namayanja said this translated to 63.4%.

According to the results from the 134 out of 146 districts, 23 are independents representing 17.2% majority of which are NRM leaning. NUP had 11 seats which is 8.2%, FDC 7 seats which translates into 5.2%, UPC 5 seats which is 3.7%, DP 2 seats which is 1.5% and ANT 1 seat which is 0.7%. “These being the party’s preliminary result, we are waiting to compare with the Electoral Commission results as the tallying concludes,” Namayanja said.

She added that the party had compiled 82% of results for directly elected district councilors.

“Out of 1,732 seats that we have got, the NRM has won 1,293 seats which translate into 74.7% of district councilors countrywide. And given that we are still at 82% and these being preliminary results, we shall get the full details when compilation ends,” she told journalists.

In the special interest groups’ parliamentary elections, Nmayanja said that NRM has won over 80% of the 20 seats so far.

“We also had elections for special interest groups in parliament (youth, workers, older persons and people with disabilities). These include the elections for National Female Youth MP held in Arua which was won by the NRM’s Nyamutoro Phionah.

NRM won all the five seats for elder persons representatives in Parliament. The party also took three of the five Workers MP seat and other two were taken by independents. The party also won four of the five representatives for Persons with Disabilities, the fifth seat was taken by an Independent candidate.

“It was a win across because even the independents are NRM leaning,” Namayanja stated.

Namayanja appealed to Ugandans to participate in the LC3 chairpersons’ elections slated for Monday. On the same day Ugandans will elect the municipality councilors and mayors. The NRM is in high preparations to win across the country so that the party can ensure effective service delivery.

She thanked Ugandans for entrusting the NRM with the leadership of the country for 2021-2026 and rallied the party supporters to ensure that during this process they comply with Standard Operating Procedures to mitigate the spread of the novel corona virus.