The National Secretariat

The National Secretariat

Administrative Organs

The National Secretariat of NRM consists of:

1. The Secretary General, who is the head of the Secretariat;

2. Deputy Secretary General

3. Director for Finance and Administration;

4. Director for Research

5. Director for Economic Affairs

6. Director for International Relations

7. Director for Mobilisation and Recruitment and Cadre Development

8. Director for Legal Services

9. Director for Information, Publicity and Public Relations


Under the direction of the Secretary General, the National Secretariat is responsible for:

1. Implementation of the decisions of the National Conference and National Executive Council;

2. Implementation of NRM policies, decisions, and directives on a day-to-day basis;

3. Preparing rules, regulations and procedures for approval by the respective authorities within NRM;

4. Preparing relevant papers and documents, which will guide NRM organs in decision-making;

5. Disseminating information from NRM Committee and Commissions to all organs of NRM;

6. Enhancing the capacity of NRM for competitive group politics.

7. Providing administrative and secretarial services to the National Conference and National Executive Council;

8. Coordination of the activities of all organs of NRM;

9. Maintaining a National Register of members;

10. Carrying out such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Chairperson, CEC or the National Executive Council.