NRM Eyes Creating More Jobs and Wealth in its Sixth Term.

NRM Eyes Creating More Jobs and Wealth in its Sixth Term.

National Resistance Movement (NRM) also the ruling party is committing to translating the economic growth and development through registering of more jobs and wealth for all Ugandans in its sixth term of office.

The 2017 National Labour Force Survey report noted that majority of Ugandan youth aged 18-30 years are either unemployed or employed in the informal sector. Less than 15% of these youth have formal jobs and about 68.9% of Ugandans are engaged in subsistence farming according to the 2014 population census.

In the next five years, NRM pledged to transform this group through helping more people to take advantage of the existing socio-economic infrastructure, roads, electricity and ICT to create jobs and wealth.

“Jobs and wealth put money into people’s pockets, food on the table, ensure savings for the future and investment in income-generating activities.” The manifesto reads.

NRM pledges to commit to promotion of commercial agriculture as opposed to the unprofitable subsistence farming through helping Small-scale and medium-scale farmers to select enterprises with higher returns per acre annually.

Through Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), NRM wants to continue supplying farm inputs to farmers as well as extension services on modern agricultural practices.

“Key sectors of Uganda’s economy, especially agriculture and ICT, have endured through the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, coffee exports grew despite the pandemic which triggered a lockdown. The April 2020 figures show growth compared to a year ago, confirming that agriculture is strong and essential. Uganda weathered the storm because of the Government’s appropriate actions, including the earlier promotion of the private sector-led growth. “The Manifesto notes.

Through prioritizing Industrialization, NRM pledges to continue to double its pace by doubling its initiatives to attract more investments in agro-processing to add value to primary products.

In addition, NRM looks at the abundant deposits of different minerals to be harnessed to support the mineral-led industrialization, creating revenue and jobs.

NRM wants to advance the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) policy in order to grow local manufacturing as opposed to importation of foreign products.

NRM also pledged to increase the capitalization of the Uganda Development Bank (UDB), to enable entrepreneurs massively engage in the service sectors, ICT, industries and commercial agriculture to access low-interest loans.