NRM has Assured Supporters of Victory Over NUP Petition

The party's legal director, Oscar Kihika

NRM Assures Supporters of Victory Over NUP Petition

National Resistance Movement has assured supporters and the public of victory over National Unity Platform (NUP) that was filed recently.

The party’s legal director, Oscar Kihika while addressing the press over the weekend said the party will do what it takes to defend Museveni’s victory in a petition in which the National Unity Platform (NUP)’s Robert Kyagulanyi is seeking the annulment of the election of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the January 14 presidential election.

Kihika together with counterpart Emmanuel Dombo, asked the public not to undermine such petitions saying that, a person who files a presidential petition should be treated serious.

“It is someone’s right to exercise their constitutional rights and a petition of this nature is not a simple one given that a lot of work will have to be presented,” Kihika said.

He added that this petition is unlike other presidential elections petitions since the Constitution was amended to create a tight timeline of 45 days in which the petition has to be heard from the day it was filed.

Kihika explained that such petitions cannot be handled by an individual or a single law firm.
“Let no one deceive you that one lawyer will sit and defend a party in such a case. You can see the number of law firms that the petitioner involved. They are five in number. Therefore, we also have a little bit more number of law firms with around 40 lawyers, he said, adding: “Although what we have chosen to do as required by law, is to collectively decide that our address of service is going to be K & K Advocates.”.

On Monday 1st February 2021, Kyagulanyi filed a legal challenge in the country’s Supreme Court, seeking cancellation of the results of last month’s presidential election that handed incumbent Yoweri Museveni the victory citing 26 grounds on which they base their petition including ballot stuffing, intimidation of NUP agents and supporters and pre-ticked ballot papers.

The party Director Communication, Publicity and Public Relations, Emmanuel Dombo confirmed that party Secretary General had received the petition on behalf of the President at the supreme court and through his lawyers of K &K advocates, the president responded in time.

“I want to assure you that our legal team has responded to the petition as of yesterday and that is within the time required by the Constitution and the Presidential Elections Act,” Dombo said. He added that the party was obligated to defend the decision made by majority of Ugandan voters.

According to Kihika, the petitioners have an uphill task defending their claims. “As you are aware, regarding the quality of the petition, petitioners usually have very difficult jobs. Making allegations is one thing and getting to prove them is totally different. Just like many other petitions where I have participated and we found very little evidence. We shall successfully win this battle as well,” he said.

“This is the first round of documents in this petition that is filed. In the second round of documents is where both parties will put their additional supporting evidence. So, we as NRM we are ready to put in more supporting answers to the petition. We shall therefore be working throughout these 45 days starting from the date the petition was filed,” Kihika added.
He said what will follow is the assessment of the process called pre-trial conference which is scheduled to take place on Thursday 11th February 2021 at 9 am.

The pre-trial conference involves the petitioners and all the respondents interacting with the court. What is done here is laying down the ground for the filed petition. The court looks into preliminary assessment of the complaints and the answers, gives directions as to the filing of documents and subsequent evidence. The court will also review timelines of arguments for each side.