What we Aim at

The aims and objectives of NRM are to:

1.  Mobilise the people of Uganda to support and work for the attainment of the vision of NRM;

2.  Consolidate democracy and constitutional governance in Uganda;

3.  Consolidate peace, security, protection of persons and property, and eliminate all forms of terrorism;

4.  Consolidate national unity and patriotism;

5.  Devolve power from the Central Government to the regions as another tier of governance provided this does not compromise the wider goal of economic and political integration of East Africa;

6.  Defend national sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Uganda;

7.  Build an integrated, self-sustaining and independent national economy;

8.  Develop and continuously maintain socio-economic infrastructure and amenities and ensure balanced regional development

9.  Strengthen the capacity to eradicate corruption;

10. Build capacity for disaster management and resettlement of displaced people;

11. Pursue economic and political integration of East Africa;

12. Implement a strategy of private sector led growth and export oriented production;

13. Generate employment, create wealth, widen the tax base, and develop infrastructure ,

14. Implement a policy of socio-economic infrastructure development using internal long term borrowing in addition to external sources of funding;

15. Implement a focussed Human Resource Development policy and capacity building in the technical and public service sector;

16. Apply science and technology in all aspects of development for the transformation of society;

17. Preserve and develop our culture;

18. Consolidate programmes which are responsive to gender and marginalized groups;

19. Undertake exploitation of natural resources for the good of the people and to preserve, protect and manage the environment to ensure sustainable development;

20. Pursue a policy of Pan-Africanism, promotion of a common African market and pursue the realisation of African Union;

21. Foster regional and world peace, democracy and social justice;

22. Cooperate with other organisations in pursuing the purposes of this Constitution and for the benefit of humanity;

23. Undertake any other activity for the attainment of the objectives of this Constitution and vision of NRM.