Newly elected NRM MPs tipped on new communication strategy

Newly elected NRM MPs tipped on new communication strategy

The Minister of Gender, Labor and social development Frank Kiyingi Tumwebaze has tipped the newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) on how to use media to create political visibility.

He advised the new legislators to have active social media handles like Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with their voters.

On Sunday President Museveni on his visit to their retreat in Kyekwazi directed

He instructed the new MPs to make a habit of appearing on local vocabulary radio and television stations in their respective communities to communicate to the residents about the progress of government programs and other important messages that benefit the community.

According to Museveni, this approach is very cheap and very effective since it covers a wide scope compared to other channels of communication like newspapers and television stations.

“I remember, it is the same approach I used in the just concluded elections while campaigning yet the opposition candidates were busy exposing Ugandans to corona virus by holding mass rallies,” President Museveni reminded MPs.

He also instructed the ICT ministry to create a standby commission to work with other government agencies up to district level to always be on duty to communicate government programmes and also counter opposition lies whenever they emerge.