Museveni To Boost Infrastructure and Develop Tourism in Bugisu

Museveni To Boost Infrastructure and Develop Tourism in Bugisu

President Museveni has pledged to expand infrastructure and develop the tourism sector in Bugisu sub region when he is voted back in power.

Museveni was meeting NRM leaders and flag bearers in Mbale yesterday who tabled their demands through a memorandum presented by Energy Minister Mary Goretti Kitutu, Bugisu.

He also met delegates from Budunda, Bulambuli, Manafwa, Mbale, Namisindwa, Sironko and Mbale City whom he briefed about the Party’s manifesto and core values.

One of the demands made to President Museveni was to develop Mbale into a tourism city that will catapult development in the area.

Leaders also asked the incumbent President to help settle construct a border market, tarmac some of the roads in the area and support the construction for the palace of Inzu ya Masaba, their cultural institution.

The other demands include Economic empowerment through agriculture, industry and trade, improved road network and access to affordable safe water and construction of more district Hospitals. Only Bududa has a District hospital. They also demanded the Construction of the Mutoto Cultural and Tourism Centre in Mbale City as well as appointing educated and skilled Bamasaba in high government offices.

In response Museveni said “All these you are asking for will be done with our money from investors. On the issue of jobs for Bamasaba, if jobs are available and there are good Bamasaba, I will look at them. If the Bamasaba vote for me more than 90 percent then the encouragement will be better.”