Museveni says Amin was a coward to kill Bishop Luwum

Archbishop of Uganda, Janani Luwum in 1977

Museveni says Amin was a coward to kill Bishop Luwum

President Museveni has said, former president of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada was a coward to kill Archbishop of Uganda, Janani Luwum in 1977 when he criticized his government over several atrocities.


Mr. Museveni said there was no reason to kill the man of God even if he could have been criticizing his government.

“A lot of people died. They were killed for no good reason. There was no reason for killing the bishop even if he was criticizing him [Amin]. You just ignore him or if you criticize me, I also criticize you. You tell a lie and I say you have told a lie here. Why kill a person? That means you are insecure; you are guilty. It was the structure of the State we had. We had a lot of illiterate people like Idi Amin, who were manning the structures of the State like the army. What do you expect? The politics was fragile. That is what we should be careful [about]… ” Mr Museveni said as they celebrated the life of Archbishop Luwum at State House Entebbe yesterday.

Museveni added that even religious leaders are free to criticize him and his government so long as they are balanced in their criticism.

The clergy, he said, should not criticize only the security people when they make mistakes, but also the people who want to disturb the peace that he and his generation fought for.

Further, he said he’s very happy that he avenged the killing of Archbishop Luwum and other people.

Luwum was shot dead after being tortured, but his murder was disguised as resulting from a road accident by the then sitting government.

Luwum had consistently and publicly criticized Amin’s government over inspired kidnaps, murder, obstruction to justice, abductions, nepotism, tribalism – nearly a carbon copy of similar accusations that have been levelled against Museveni and his NRA/M government.