Museveni Responds to Reconciliation Call with The Opposition

President Museveni on Liberation Day

Museveni Responds to Reconciliation Call with the Opposition

In response to the request by religious leaders, President Museveni has said he has no problem reconciling with his enemies and the opposition at large.

“Let us promote general reconciliation with each other and with one another. As religious leaders, as a sign of reconciliation, we request that the government allows Hon.Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to have his freedom of expression and movement,” Mgr. Kasibante requested.

In response President Museveni said that this has been the way of doing things for the ruling National Resistance Movement.

“Msgr Kasibante, you are preaching to the choir about reconciliation. Reconciliation is our way of doing things. That’s how you find that Idi Amin’s own son is my deputy director of intelligence, Okello Lutwa’s son Oryem is a foreign affairs minister, Amin’s grandson is an MP in my party. Amin’s daughter in law is my minister, “Museveni said on Tuesday while presiding over the National Liberation Day.

He however explained that government will not give up on controlling violence

“For us we have no problem but the only thing we cannot tolerate is violence. I ask all Ugandans to forget about violence. Don’t dream about it because it will not work. Forget about threats. They will not work and you are creating blood pressure for yourself for nothing,” He said.