Museveni reconciles with embattled Busoga region leaders. 

Museveni reconciles with embattled Busoga region leaders.

President Museveni has called for unity among National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders in Busoga Sub-region, saying internal fights are not good for the future of the party.

“I called for a reconciliation meeting of leaders from the Busoga Sub-region. reconciled some leaders but I hear they are still fighting one another. You unite instead of dividing yourselves,” Mr Museveni said, alluding to last month’s meeting with area party leaders. 

The NRM presidential flag bearer made the remarks while addressing party leaders from Kamuli and Buyende districts at the Youth Centre in Kamuli Municipality on Saturday. 

He was responding to a leaders’ memorandum presented by Mr Henry Kabalya, the MP for Bugabula South in Kamuli District. The leaders told Mr Museveni that some leaders who lost the NRM flag are fighting party flag bearers. “We requested your office to reconcile them before it worsened. These people Who lost in the NRM party primaries are now de-campaigning the flag bearers,” the memo read in part. According to some leaders in the region, the big fight is between Ms Kadaga and State Minister for Urban Development Isaac Musumba who has reportedly backed his wife Proscovia Salaamu Musumba against the former for the Kamuli District Woman MP seat.

Mr Musumba declared support for his wife during her campaign launch at their home in Matuumu Village, Magogo Subcounty in Kamuli District.


Mr Kenneth Balikoowa, a resident warned that if such conflicts continued,

the area would remain underdeveloped. The inter-party political feuds had stifled service delivery. We urge the wrangling NRM leaders to reconcile and stop extending their rivalry to the grassroots,» Mr Balikoowa said. He said since the NRM came to power, many developmentshad been initiated but misused by a section of leaders.

Mr Musumba also lost in the NRM primaries. In response, Mr Museveni said he does not believe in quarrelling. “Just like my friends Amama his differences with the Speaker of Parliament, who is also the Kamuli Woman MP, Ms Rebecca Kadaga. “We settled whatever differences we had with Kadaga, including a motion of displeasure passed by Parliament Mbabazi and Eriya Kategeya, they were saying I have stayed in power for long.

But you see, I am not interested in power because when we were in power, we resigned and went to fight and how can you think that I want obuyinza (power)? You know what Mbabazi was saying in the last election, but we are now talking. I recommend that we do talking because it helps avoid unnecessary divisions,” he said.

The leaders also told the President to fulfil the pending pledges he made in the previous elections such as tarmacking roads, making improvements on the Kagulu tourism site, the building of ice: plant and a central market, among others. In response, the President promised to tarmac roads, extend electricity and build modern markets, among others, in the Busoga sub-region once re-elected.