Museveni Pays Tribute to Fallen Minister Dr. Wilberforce Mugerwa

Museveni Pays Tribute to Fallen Minister Dr. Wilberforce Mugerwa

President Museveni has paid tribute to former Minister Dr Wilberforce Kisamba Mugerwa who succumbed to the Covid-19 on January 7, describing him as a pioneer of important projects in both public and the private sector targeting the elimination of social and economic stagnation in Uganda.

Museveni in his speech delivered by the State Minister for Higher Education Dr John Chrysestom Muyingo at the final send-off ceremony at the family the burial ground in Kikonda village, Bamunanika Sub County in Luweero District on Monday, said Kisamba contributed immensely to the drive towards transforming Uganda’s Agriculture from Subsistence to modern Commercial farming.

“Dr Kisamba Mugerwa had gathered a vast wealth of experience and learning that enabled him to serve with distinctions and diligence in various capacities. He was always dependable and competent at whatever task he undertook. He mentored many people in academics, politics and business. He executed his leadership role with integrity, focus, and commitment to principals. He demonstrated that it is possible to attain great influence and success in society without taking shortcuts or being compromised. This is a great lesson to the young generation that is prone to being lured into the craft of seeking a cheap and easy path to riches and power. I share with the family the grief of this difficult moment and pray that God gives you the courage to go through it,” Museveni said in his condolence message to the bereaved family.

Museveni urged Ugandans to celebrate the life achievements of Dr Kisamba Mugerwa by carrying on his great works and legacy that has transformed many lives in Uganda.

Earlier the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu described Dr Kisamba Mugerwa as a generous person who not only contributed to the growth and development of the Church projects, but also loved to see everybody move to the next level for a better livelihood.

According to Ms Christen Kisamba Mugerwa, the widow, Dr Kisamba started feeling unwell on December 29, 2020, and was diagnosed with a fever, an infection that had raised his blood pressure. On the night of December 31, 2020 his situation worsened and was rushed to Nakasero Hospital where the medical team observed a significant drop in his oxygen levels. Nakasero Hospital had no ICU bed available at the moment, which necessitated his transfer to Mulago Hospital. Upon arrival, the Covid-19 results were received and he had tested positive.