Museveni in Kigezi Asks Youth to Help Villagers

Museveni in Kigezi Asks Educated Youth to Help Villagers

Museveni has asked the youths in Rukungiri to help the illiterate people in the area to embrace commercial production.

According to Museveni the youths who are educated understand ideas concerning commercial production so they can teach them to the others in the community so that they can move away from subsistence production to commercial production, especially in agriculture.

“If you don’t advise them on what to do, they will make many mistakes. They have food and non -food needs but if they only work for their stomachs but forget the pockets, how will they address the non- food needs,” he wondered.

Museveni said this while speaking to the party leaders in Rukungiri today as he concludes his campaign trail in Kigezi region.