Museveni In Kasese Receives 10 Heifers

Museveni In Kasese Receives 10 Heifers

National Resistance Movement presidential candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been in Kasese region for his scientific compaigns where he met party leaders in the region.

Museveni was gifted with 10 heifers in appreciation for his good leadership that has seen the country and Kasese in particular become peaceful.

The President told the leaders at Nyakansanga playgrounds in Kasese municipality that the peace enjoyed in the Kasese area, following years of ADF rebel attacks is because of unity that brought about a strong army, the UPDF.

“You the people of Kasese should be witnesses to the rest of Ugandans. You know what happened here and countries like Congo.  For almost 60 years since independence, Congo is not settled.”

According to Museveni, the NRM story should be preached to the population by the party leaders to guide them in making wise decisions in the forthcoming election.

The NRM presidential flag bearer reminded the people of Kasese about the health facilities and efforts done by the government in the area “I heard you thanking me for health centers constructed here but I don’t know why you forget to thank me for immunization which is the biggest health effort in Uganda.  Many children have grown because of immunization.  When we gave you a district when we had just come, you were only 200,000 people but now you have over one million because of immunization,” he said.

Museveni urged the leaders to embrace wealth creation so as to grow their finances.

“Your spokesperson told us that of the 150 homes in his area, only 20 are working for both the stomach and pockets. If the remaining 130 are working for only their stomachs, where do they get the money from?  If the land you have is small, look for enterprises that can be done on a small piece of land but bring out high yields.  I will come back here for a conference on what enterprise to be done on a small piece of land,” he said.