Museveni Breaks Ground for The Military Museum Construction

Museveni Breaks Ground for The Military Museum Construction

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) and the Directorate of doctrines has started constructing a Uganda National Military Museum at Katonga on the outskirts of Masaka city.

President Museveni, commissioned the construction works yesterday after laying a foundation stone for the construction as part of the activities to mark the 40th anniversary of Teresita.

Museveni praised the army for the idea which he said was good for tourism and generating revenue for the forces.

“I want to thank the UPDF and the Directorate of Doctrines for finally seeing the obvious which is the history of NRA/NRM because it is unique and special. The Museum is a good idea and Katonga a better location for its business preposition.” Museveni said.

The museum is seen as a tribute of the 1985-86 Katonga battles and other confrontations between the National Resistance Army (NRA) fighters and the Tito Okello government forces.

President Museveni advised the UPDF to add portraits of the Late Muammar Ghadafi, Julius Nyerere and Samola Machelle at the site for their contribution during this struggle

The function was also attended by Ministers; Bamulangaki Ssempija (Agriculture) Hon Nakiwala Kiyingi(Youths and Children) and Lt.Gen.Wilson Mbaddi , the deputy CDF among others.