Museveni Asks Police to Audit Stray Bullets During the Recent Riots 

Museveni Asks Police to Audit Stray Bullets During the Recent Riots

President Museveni has asked the Police to audit the phenomenon of stray bullets after some people lost their lives to stray bullets during the recent Bobi Wine riots.

Museveni was last night addressing the nation on Security and COVID-19 at the State Lodge in Entebbe.

He said in such a scenario, Police personnel deployed in a riot situation should first “fire in the air to warn the rioters”, because the reasoning is that once such bullets fired in the air land back earthwards, they would have lost their lethal power, Museveni, therefore, asked Police to establish the purpose of the bullets before they strayed.

“Stray bullets only come in play when shooting at the attacker but then some bullets miss the attacker and catch some other people,” He explained.

The President said as many as 54 people died in the chaos, with 32 being rioters – killed during confrontations with Police some innocent bystanders were hit by stray bullets while two victims were knocked by a vehicle after the driver was hit by a stone and lost control of the vehicle.”

According to a report Museveni received, the five people who died in Nansana were rioters who had attacked the Police.

Speaking about lawlessness in the country, The President asked the public to keep social distance, especially during this political season.

Being one of the 11 presidential candidates, Museveni, who is the NRM flag bearer, said he cannot stand through the sunroof of his car while moving along the campaign trail. He castigates leaders who do so.

Talking about the recent riots that erupted in some parts of the country following the arrest of NUP flagbearer Robert Kyagulanyi, the President said some political actors have been vowing to “render Ugandans ungovernable” and points out how some people, backed by foreign actors, attacked ordinary Ugandans, created illegal blockades in roads and vandalized many.

With footage of some of these activities of “impunity of lawlessness” shown playing on a screen, Museveni sarcastically noted that “That was democracy Opposition style in Kampala.