Mulago in oxygen crisis due to record covid-19 hospitalisations

Mulago in oxygen crisis due to record covid-19 hospitalisations

 A source at Mulago National Referral Hospital has revealed to Nettech Reliable Media reporters that the facility is facing a crisis of oxygen supply for patients in the Intensive care Unit (ICU). The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the oxygen shortage in the country with the number of cases rising and patients admitted to ICU overwhelming the health facilities.

The government and health officials have blamed this surge largely on public laxity in observing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) stop the spread of Covid-19. Some of the patients that Nettech Media reporters talk to reveal that they have been tossed from one hospital to another on claims that the hospitals are full and cannot admit any more patients.

Some of the patients have since died due to lack of oxygen. “We wanted to take our patient to Mulago for better service but an officer there discouraged us saying there was a problem with their oxygen (supply), a relative to one of the patients who died, said Dr Kituzi Muhereza, the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) secretary, yesterday confirmed they received complaints 

from their colleagues about the shortage of oxygen, especially at Mulago hospital.


He also revealed that all ICUs at Covid 19 treatment centres are full. “The quality of oxygen plants at Mulago was defective. This means that if you get interruptions in oxygen supply and that is very dangerous because life can be lost” Dr Muhereza said in the interview.