Mayiga Explains Why Buganda Voted for Bobi Wine

Mayiga Explains Why Buganda Voted for Bobi Wine

According to Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga, Buganda decided to vote majorly for National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu due to the social economic problems that have persistently affected people.

“I go to Buganda deep in the villages, the poverty is so much, young people are unemployed, there are programs but they are not benefiting them because they are haphazardly implemented. Corruption is also on the rampage.” Mayinga said.

He added that the talk that Buganda voted Bobi wine based on tribalism is a cheap talk.

“It is very misplaced talk, the NRM should handle the issues affecting people with courage instead of picking on Baganda because it is bad for national unity in the first place,” he said.

Following the sweep through Buganda by the NUP, felling several ministers, Museveni castigated Buganda for being myopic by choosing sectarianism over social-economic issues that affected the people.

“Instead of looking at social-economic issues affecting the people, they have decided to bring back sectarianism,” Museveni said.

However, Mayiga disagreed, saying Bobi Wine was voted even in the district where current speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga hails from.

“Kyagulanyi was voted in the east and in many areas. They should first explain why Kyagulanyi was elected in Kadaga’s constituency, so that is cheap talk, but in any case, Museveni was voted in Ankole,” Mayiga said.