Mayambala Says He would Be President If All Voters Turned Up for Voting

Mayambala Says He Stood A Chance to Be President If All Voters Turned Up for Voting

Independent presidential candidate Willy Mayambala has said he stood a chance of winning presidency if all the registered voters had turned up and voted.

Mayambala who says he is going back to his normal life as a civil engineer, has blamed the low turn up on Electoral commission who did less in ensuring that all voters exercise their voting right.

He however conceded to defeat and is ready to start another life away from politics.

Only 10,359,479 voters participated in the polls, out of the 18,103,603 voters registered voters across the country.   The figures indicate that the Thursday poll had a voter turnout of 57.22 per cent less than the 2016 election’s where the turn out stood at 62.61 per cent and 2006 when up to 69.2 per cent of all registered voters were able to participate.


The outcome of the process shows that Yoweri Museveni, the NRM candidate polled 5,851,037 votes representing 58.64 per cent of the total votes cast, to beat his main challenger Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who polled 3,475,298 votes which is equal to 34.83 per cent of the total votes cast.   Mayambala came last with 14,657 votes (0.15 percent).