Marble Factory Construction In Karamoja To Kick Off

Marble Factory Construction In Karamonja To Kick Off

Karamoja region will soon own the largest marble factory as Ateker cement factory construction kicks off in Naitakwae village, Nadunget sub-county in Moroto district.

The Moroto District Investment Agency has confirmed that construction is ready to begin and that the complex in Karamoja will also be making cement according to David Ekou Ekannya, the senior engineer at the Uganda Development Corporation.

This follows the pledge made by President Yoweri Museveni to create more local and regional markets.

Pres. Museveni pledged to construct the plant in 2016, saying the project would utilize the abundant lime in Karamoja and address the region’s huge unemployment by providing jobs in the factories, transport, and quarries.

At the moment, a concrete fence pole chain link is being erected at the site, including bush clearing of the 221- acre area, located six kilometers away from Moroto town, on Soroti road.

Recently, the chairperson of Savanna Mines Limited, the lead firm in the preparations and construction, Mr. Cornelius Kodet Lorika, said all was set for the project to kick off in the next few weeks. He added that the complex will avail marble products, like lime and clinker that are used in the manufacture of cement. Lorika also said that the plant is a dream come true for the Karimojong, who have for decades depended on cattle as their only source of income.

The plant is expected to produce over 1,200 tonnes of cement once complete in the next 18 months from the commencement date of construction. It is set to employ over 600 locals within the factories, transport, and construction sectors.


The project will be realized in partnership with the Uganda Development Corporation. The other partners include Tsabbo Engineering private limited, Moroto district agency, and Savanna mines.