Mao says he won’t resign despite Promising so Last year

Mao says he won’t resign despite Promising so Last year

The Former Presidential Candidate, Norbert Mao has said he will not resign his position as Democratic Party (DP) president despite promising to do so if the party did not get more MPs in the 11th Parliament.


Mao while campaigning last year said if DP failed to raise more than 15 MPs in the just concluded elections, he would quit. However, the party only managed to get nine MPs in last month’s elections.


Addressing his first weekly briefing since the elections, the DP president said he will not resign, saying the party needs him now more than ever.

“Everyone is eager to see me resigning but that will never happen because I abandoned that promise long before the 2021 elections; the moment I made that pronouncement, I was approached by those who genuinely love DP and I was told not to repeat such statement,” he said.

Mr Mao added that people have failed to take advantage of DP’s democratic leadership but that he will continue to stand for truth and justice.

“DP was built on a rock and it will never be destroyed. Some people wanted us to switch off our engines and to be dragged; we are not a wheelbarrow, we are a vehicle with an engine and a steering,” he said