Remove the Regime You Helped into Power, Solve Your Misery – Muntu to Greater Luwero

Remove the Regime You Helped into Power, Solve Your Misery – Muntu to Greater Luwero

The Alliance for National Transformation party (ANT) presidential candidate, Lt Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu has rallied people in the districts of Greater Luweero to lead a second liberation to free Ugandans from the ruling National Resistance Movement’s 34 years of ‘captivity’.

The former army commander was addressing voters at Kito and Kiwoko trading centres in Nakaseke District before crossing to Kikyusa Town in Luweero District on Tuesday where he advised voters to blame their current misery on the leaders they assume power.

“Nobody can liberate you from the unfortunate state that you are experiencing today except yourselves. The ball is in your hands as liberators. Do not expect any other person to come and help you remove the regime that you helped to bring to power. The country is held hostage and can never be at peace unless we overhaul the system led by President Museveni. The time is now for you to act,” Gen Muntu told voters at Kiwoko Town Council in Nakaseke District.

He said NRM can no longer fight corruption that has eaten up the entire system even when the government prides in having established structures meant to check the excesses of the regime.

“You cannot talk about prioritizing the agriculture sector when the sector gets only 3.8 percent of the national budget. A system that killed the Cooperative movements and agriculture departments has no moral authority to claim that the sector is doing well. You people of Luweero are yourselves witnesses to the crumbled agriculture sector. The matooke that is sold at the markets within Luweero town among other urban centers covers long distances from Western Uganda yet you have the soils that are more fertile and can sustain better banana plantations,” he said.

“You people of Luweero should let President Museveni, including all candidates carrying the yellow flag retire. As a former bush war fighter who once belonged to the Kabalega guerrilla camp at the time when we engaged the Obote forces in Greater Luweero jungles, the people holding the guns are currently hungrier for power and rule by the gun. They believe that the gun has all the answers that you are now asking.”

Gen Muntu said if elected president, he will not cling onto power like President Museveni has done.

Earlier, Mr Hassan Katumba, the chairperson Nakaseeta Zone, Kiwoko Town Council, Nakaseke District tasked Gen Muntu to explain why most soldiers are not democrats and as to whether he, once elected would not turn against the civilians since he falls in the category of the senior army officers like President Museveni.

The residents also claimed that many of the leaders in Nakaseke have let them down in areas of infrastructure development.

“We have poor roads and cannot get to our respective destinations in time. We are tired of leaders that praise President Museveni and fail to fulfill the pledges made on behalf of the government,” Ms Margaret Nankanwagi, a resident of Kiwoko Town Council said.