Lecturers at Mubs Declare A Strike

MUBS building

Lecturers at Mubs Declare A Strike

Makerere University Business School (MUBs) lectures declared a strike yesterday over salary disparities.

Lecturers said they wouldn’t offer any classes or any academic related services until the issue is resolved.

“Today we come to inform the public and all stakeholders that consequent upon continued salary disparities at mubs, we the academic staff have taken a decision today down our tools until this matter has been fully resolved.”

The chairperson of Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) MUBs wing, Mr Brian Muyomba, told Nettech Media that for close to 10years now, more than 300 of the 500-academic staff at the same rank at MUBS are given varying salaries contrary to what they are supposed to earn.