Kitagata hot springs to be turned into tourism and Spa centre

Kitagata hot springs to be turned into tourism and Spa centre

The government has made a directive that the Kitagata hot springs in Sheema district be turned into a tourism and spa centre.

This follows resistance by the residents of Sheema against Government developments on the spring for over a year citing intimidation from town council authorities.

The Minister for Local Government, Mr Raphael Magyezi made this directive while in a crisis meeting with leaders and residents of Kitagata over the weekend

In a letter to the minister of local government, more than 631 petitioners raised eight contentious issues against the proposed development of the hot springs.

The petitioners highlighted issues such as; the unexplained delay by the government in starting of works on the agreed site, Ekyomugabe and focusing on the Mulago site, which was initially out of scope.

They argued that the government attempted to take over the Mulago side of the springs before an amicable agreement with the landlord; something they said would result in a court action, thus costly legal processes.

Other directives include;

Mulago side of the hot springs to be developed by the Ministry of Local Government in partnership with the community through a public, private partnership (PPP) arrangement. A Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by 30th May 2021.

The government will compensate the Ibara family (Attorney General to take lead in this issue) within a period of two months from the day of the meeting. This was after the government recognised the fact that Ibara family has vested interests in the hot springs as it’s hosted in their family land.

-The parties to adhere to the regulations of NEMA in environmental management, Ministry of Health standard operating procedures and the security of persons and property. Mr Magyezi faulted the Kitagata town council officials

Mr Magezi tasked the local council (Kitagata Town Council) to mobilize and sensitize citizens on the directives.

Prof Ephraim Kamuntu, the minister of justice and constitutional affairs, who is also the Sheema South Member of Parliament asked community members to always use the right channels to address issues instead of using violence.