Inter-Religious Council Cautions Clergy Overtaking Sides During Elections


Inter-Religious Council Cautions Clergy Overtaking Sides During Elections

The Inter-religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), an inter-faith-based organization has cautioned the Clergy not to take sides during 2021 general elections.

The IRCU Secretary General, Joshua Kitakure told Nettech Media that members had agreed on values to uphold during elections and have also set mechanisms to discipline the clergy that go against the values agreed upon.

“As an organization bringing together all faith-based institutions, we have our values and have agreed to remain impartial in the forth coming elections.” Kitakure explained.

Citing the example of Archbishop John Baptist Odama, who recently suspended a priest after he declared his intentions to contest for a political office, Kitature said; “The message of impartiality is already clear to all religious leaders especially at this time, no excuses.”

Kitature noted that the Secretariant plays different roles among which include mobilizing people through civic education, preaching and associations of women and youth by developing messages that point out ways of working together and ensuring peace in the country during elections.

The IRCU also works to support the Electoral Commission by mobilizing people, providing information and working with other stakeholders to remind them of their responsibility.

The IRCU working with the Elder’s forum Uganda is organizing the second edition of presidential debate slated for December 2020 and January 2021.