Govt Tries Herbal Medicine Samples on Covid 19 Patients

Govt Tries Herbal Medicine Samples on Covid 19 Patients

 According to Dr Grace Nambatya, the head of the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute (NCRI), following the call made by Ministry of Health, a few months ago, at least 300 samples were submitted by the herbalists which have been tried on some patients.

Nabatya noted that some of the samples tried are proving good and they hope for more submissions from the herbalists.

She explained that the process goes through four stages, but the process has been delayed by lack of machines and finances for the institute.

Among those who submitted remedies include The National Council for Traditional Healers and Herbalists Association and the Uganda Herbalists and cultural association.

The director of Clinic services, Dr Charles Olaro revealed to the Nettech Media that even foreign firms have expressed interest to offer herbal remedies to COVID 19

Olaro said the foreign remedies will also go through all the stages of analysis by the experts before permission is granted to be used.