Govt To Prioritise Railway, Water Transport

Railway transport
Railway transport

Government to Invest 561 Billion shs in Agriculture Cluster Development Project.

The government of Uganda through a partnership with the World Bank support is investing $150 million for the implementation of the Agriculture Cluster Development Project (ACDP) in 57 districts that are grouped in 12 geographical clusters.

This project is aimed at benefiting farmers who are engaged in the cultivation and trade of five commodities namely; coffee, rice, beans, and cassava.

This government support will be implemented through ACDP to support farmer organizations to develop post-harvest and value addition infrastructure facilities for enhanced market access.

According to Dr. Henry Nakelet Opolot the project coordinator, supporting farmers with productivity-enhancing inputs will reduce post-harvest losses of up to between 30 percent to 40 percent.

These investments will enable farmers to do proper post-harvest handling and value addition to their produce, thus enhancing their household incomes and participation in the money economy.

Developing Infrastructure is expensive and smallholder farmers are among the 68% who are not in the money economy, thus needing this vital support of matching grants to farmer organizations.