Govt to distribute Free Text books to Secondary Schools

Govt to distribute Free Text books to Secondary Schools

At least 1,860 private schools will benefit from the government distribution of free textbooks to secondary schools.

The Government is set to distribute 3.4 million textbooks to all secondary schools as part of efforts to promote the new O’level curriculum.

Of the 3,126 schools to benefit from this arrangement, there are only 1,266 public schools and the rest are privately-owned.

The state minister for higher education, Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, speaking during 27th education sector review virtual recently, he explained that the aim is to ensure that all children get to benefit from the new curriculum.

“We know that some private schools will not be able to get these books if we leave them out,” Muyingo said.

These are mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, physics, history/ political education and geography.

Muyingo warned against selling the text books in book shops. He noted that they will all be labelled.

He also said textbooks will also be printed for non-core subjects such as Kiswahili, Christian religious education, Islamic religious education, local languages, agriculture, food and nutrition, perfuming arts, art and design as well as foreign languages.