Govt has instructed UNBS to test rejected maize

Govt Instructs Standards regulator to test rejected maize

The Government has instructed the standards regulator, Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), to test all the maize on the trucks that were sent back by the Kenyan authorities for contamination with aflatoxin.

Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde said this would eliminate rumours and guesswork, over the said aflatoxin invasion, and give the Government a more solid ground to agitate for its rights under the East Africa Common Market Protocol.

Kyambadde said should the tests confirm that the maize is toxic, the Government will destroy it, and if it is free from contamination, it would appeal to the East African Community (EAC) and demand that the maize be transported to its intended destinations in Kenya.

The minister made the remarks while addressing journalists at the ministry offices in Kampala yesterday.

“We are wondering why our brothers have decided to behave like this because in the first place, none of the intercepted maize was tested for the said aflatoxins.” She said.

We also did not receive any formal communication from Kenya on the ban, as is supposed to be, because we are in a formal integration arrangement, under the common market, where we have protocols to follow.” She explained.

The minister said the Government would also officially write to the EAC to protest Kenya’s move, in addition to officially notifying Kenya of Uganda’s displeasure at its response to trade matters.

She said she said because the Government did not receive any formal communication from their EAC counterpart, the community or the concerned ministry would issue a protest note to the EAC over Kenya’s implementation of a trade ban based on rumours.

Kyambadde said Uganda is seeking high-level intervention between the two leaders of Kenya and Uganda.