Govt Considers Reopening Non-Candidate Classes

Govt Considers Reopening Non-Candidate Classes

Speaking to Nettech Media, The Education Permanent Secretary, Alex Kakooza said that Government is planning to visit and inspect schools as part of the preparation to reopen non-candidate classes.

Candidates reopened on 15th October 2020 after total closure of schools due to COVID-19 pandemic in March this year.

Kakooza said the inspection is intended to ascertain if it’s safe for schools to reopen and sustained whilst containing the pandemic.

He added that they would also seek advice from scientists before they officially open.

Kakooza assured Nettech Media that there will be no dead year for any student.

The latest inspection report shows that 18533 out of 21817 schools which were inspected have been cleared to reopen. 19550 schools have been asked to improve and then be inspected again and the non-complaint institutions are 1334 in the country.

Kakooza revealed that the Government had already sent masks to 130 districts and others would soon receive.

He stated that “digital homework will be followed by printed homework and also radios are in the last stage of being delivered to homes.”