Govt Asks Covid-19 Affected Schools Not to Close

Govt Asks Covid-19 Affected Schools Not to Close

As cases of COVID 19 increase in the learning institutions, government has asked the schools not to panic or send students back to school.

The minister for primary health care, Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu, while addressing the press yesterday, said that sending away students from COVID-19 affected institutions will harness community transmissions and complicate management cases.

“Schools should enforce stay-home policy for learners and teachers that feel unwell, they should strengthen surveillance with improved recording of attendances for learners and institute symptoms monitoring to identify cases that will develop symptoms as early as possible.” Kaducu noted.

According to the Health Ministry, they have been monitoring clusters of schools and have so far confirmed 120 COVID-19 cases in schools.

Schools with cases include Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Secondary School, Luzira (32), Masaka College of Health Sciences (28), Vine Paramedical School, Masaka (30) and Kabale Medical School (30).